Tips on using Scrubs

We love scrubs. 

We know we are a little biased, but having our own collection of delicious smelling scrubs has turned us into scrub enthusiasts!

If you haven’t used scrubs before, boy are you missing out! Our natural cane sugar concoctions help to cleanse and slough off dead skin and oils to leave your skin feeling smooth and pampered. Sounds pretty amazing right?

Since we are now pretty much using scrubs every single time we shower, we decided to do a little research and round up some of our favorite tips and facts on these rejuvenating products.

1. Scrubbing is good for you-Using an organic white cane sugar in your body scrub provides natural glycol acid, which gently removes dead skin from the body and is considered a part of a healthy lifestyle routine. 

2. You can’t scrub away your natural tan-the melanocytes that make melanin (the pigment that gives color to the skin) live deep under the epidermal layer of the skin. That means your tan is impossible to rub or scrub off.  Though the human body sheds thousands upon thousands of skin cells daily, it may take 2-3 weeks for a teen to naturally shed their color.  

3. Don’t scrub after shaving- to minimize irritation to your skin after grazing a razor over it, refrain from using a scrub after shaving. Using a scrub before shaving however, is encouraged! Get rid of all that dead skin for a smoother, closer shave.

4. You can exfoliate daily-Exfoliating actually increases circulation, supports lymph drainage AND keeps the outer, more superficial layer of skin smooth, silky and glow-y. Exfoliating your body regularly also allows your moisturizers to be readily absorbed and increases their efficacy.  

5. Scrub towards your heart- A beauty secret of spas to make the most of your scrub and stimulate blood flow. Start at your feet and massage the scrub in a circular motion up the legs and the torso. Continue at your fingertips and massage up the arm.

If you haven’t tried our super moisturizing and amazing scrubs yet, we suggest heading over to the site (here) and trying them out! Here’s to the beautiful and healthy skin!



Ps. It is Clean Hands Week and we are offering 15% off of all of our soaps and scrubs with the code ‘CLEAN’ to aid in the efforts to promote hand washing to minimize germs and save lives!

Introducing the LUXE Autumn Candle!


It’s finally here! The newest addition to our ultra-exclusive LUXE collection is here and it is ready for fall!

Introducing LUXE Autumn- A festive mix of sweet orange and buttery cream notes are accented by classic autumn scents of spiced cranberry and cinnamon. Soft sugared vanilla musk and the aroma of woodsy evergreen finish off this fall favorite!

Each LUXE Autumn Candle contains one mystery ring valued at $25 to $7,500. 

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Our Limited LUXE Collection offers you higher value jewels and more candle! Only a limited amount will be produced per scent, so get them while you can!



Introducing our Signature Collection Candles!

They are here!! Our brand new Signature Collection Candles have officially launched, and we have three amazing scents to choose from!

A bit smaller than our Classic Collection Candles and made up of some of our most AMAZING scents ever, Signature Candles contain a higher valued hidden jewel at $15-$7500!

Concord Grape, Lemon Cream Pie and Grapefruit Pomegranate are the first decadent scents in this collection, but they won’t be the last!

Take a peek at these candles below:

Grapefruit Pomegranate-Exotic and fresh, this scent combines ripe grapefruit slices and tropical pineapple for a sweet, juicy base while tones of pomegranate finish off and accentuate the bouquet.

Concord Grape - The luscious, soft aroma of sweet grapes meld seamlessly with the fresh scent of ripe vine picked grapes to create a deeply aromatic fruity scent.

Lemon Cream Pie- A delectable combination of fresh lemon and sugar notes melded with the smooth essence of butter crème frosting, makes this scent almost good enough to eat.

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Never Forget…

As a proud American company, all of us here at JewelScent have heavy hearts today as we remember the horrific tragedy that occurred on our soil 13 years ago.

We are so appreciative however, to live in a country that does not take freedom for granted, and to be a part of a people that do not allow ourselves to be beaten down.

We would like to take a moment to honor all of those who have passed, our fallen heroes, all of their families and all those that continue to fight for our freedoms. 

We stand tall today with our fellow Americans, for this is truly the land of the brave! We will never forget September 11, 2001.

We wish you all a safe and reflective day full of love.



Introducing Lily of the Valley Scrub!

Have you tried our fluffy and amazing body scrubs yet??

Well our newest scrub, Lily of the Valley, is the perfect treat to make your bath routine extra sweet and indulgent!

This floral fragrance of this scrub stands out with enchanting notes of lilac and jasmine that merge to exude a soft and feminine scent that lingers.

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It’s floral heaven! Perfect to use before a date or to unwind, it is a truly the perfect soft and feminine scent.



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Introducing our JewelScent Best Ring Reveal Contest!

What would YOU do with $500 JewelScent gift card? Would you buy all of your holiday gifts or stock up on birthday gifts for the year? Would you turn your home into a scent oasis?

Over the next month we will be accepting video entries for this awesome contest and you all will be able to vote on your favorites! Click the tab on the top of our profile to follow along or enter!

We are accepting entries via Youtube, Vine and Instagram or through the hashtag ‪#‎JewelScentRevealContest‬ via Twitter, Instagram or Facebook!

Get creative and you could win BIG!



Diamond Colored Precious Stones

                                            ( a white aquamarine)

Hey there JewelScenters! 

This week, via our Facebook, we debated whether any of you would wear a black diamond engagement ring, and we were surprised that the majority loved the idea!

You all thought it was unique, special and for the most part, agreed that as long as it was a real diamond, you wouldn’t mind getting one of those moody beauties on that special finger.

That point got us pretty interested and now we are curious: would you wear any other precious stone as an engagement ring…if it looked like a regular diamond?


                                              (a white sapphire)

                                         (a soft green Amethyst)

                                             (a white topaz)

                                        (a white danburite)

These precious gems are a fraction of the price of a real diamond, and arguably just as beautiful! They are not “fake” the way a cubic zirconia stone is and could be matched to a person’s birthstone, making for an extra special ring!

What do you guys think? Would YOU wear a non-diamond engagement ring? Even if it looked like one?

Let us know!



Happy Labor Day!

Hope you are all having a safe, fun and awesome Labor Day Weekend!

Don’t forget, our End-of-Summer Splash event ends tonight at midnight, so hurry! 20% off SITE-WIDE with code ‘LBDAY’!

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Celebrate Summer with the perfect Beach Picnic!

As the Labor Day and the long weekend approach, we can all feel the end of Summer is near.

Though we can’t say we are happy to see this sunny season go, we are definitely excited for Fall!

Instead of moping around and blubbering about the end of shorts and pool days, we propose that you toast to the Summer with the perfect Beach picnic!

Besides the obvious need for Summer snacks (think: hotdogs, bbq ribs, potato salads and fresh fruits), we have compiled a list of things to pack to optimize your perfect picnic:

1. A picnic basket to hold all the essentials in- we love this fun one with a zipper close to keep things insulated and organized.

2. A blanket-turkish towels are ideal because they are super soft and comfy!

3. Weck Jars- the best way to keep things like fruits, coleslaw or ceviche from spilling and becoming too messy to eat. 

4. Mason to-go Drinking Cups- adorable and have a lid so that no sand gets blown in your drink or spills all over your perfect picnic.

5. Basil Sage Candle- a refreshing and rejuvenating scent that will set the perfect mood.

6. Cutting board-we know this may seem strange, but think about it- every picnic needs a hard surface to place things like drinks, dips and cheeses so that they don’t fall prey to the sand! Also a great place to cut up cheeses and meats without the hassle.

What do you guys think? Anything else you would add?

Don’t live near a beach? That’s ok! Picnics in parks and backyards are just as Summer-centric and appropriate to celebrate the end of the season!

How else do you guys plan to send the Summer out with a bang? Let us know in the comment section!



Introducing our Mediterranean Mint Body Scrub!

We heard your requests to expand our scrub line and we are happy to announce our newest JewelScent scent- Mediterranean Mint! Immerse yourself in the sparkling freshness of the Mediterranean sea and air with this uber refreshing, all-natural cane sugar scrub!

The fresh scent of delicate mint leaves are punctuated by notes of rosemary in this rejuvenating and surprisingly delicate fragrance.

Get yours here —>

Use this minty scrub to add the perfect refreshing element to your bath and shower routine for ultimate relaxation! Transport yourself to a spa-like state-of-mind…any day of the week!

Hurry and get yours, before it’s too late!