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Why we heart wax tarts!

Our JewelScent Wax Tarts have just launched and we sure do love them around here. We know you will too!

Take a peek at some of our staff’s biggest wax-tart fans and why they love them so:


"I love leaving these wax-tarts in the warmer as I clean the house. I don’t have to worry about any fires starting when I am not in the room and when I am finished, the whole house smells amazing!" Lily- CS/Office Manager

"Best option for my kids playroom, which can always use a little freshening up. I place them on an electric warmer on a high shelf and don’t have to worry about any burned toddler fingers. I also always keep one plugged in in the bathroom-another room that could always use an extra dose of freshness!" Sara- Founder

"I love using these in the office! Super safe and no chance of smoke to bother my cubicle mates!" Kiri-Customer Service Rep

"My landlord is very strict about candles in our apartment building, which I can understand- it’s a very old building. I’ll admit I used to break the rules, but it did make me nervous. Especially since I can be forgetful and left them burning a few times. Wax tarts ended up being the perfect solution!" Candice- Community Manager

"I once rushed out of the house for a meeting only to remember half-way there that I left a candle burning. I had so much anxiety that I ended up having to turn around just to blow it out. Totally missed my meeting. Wax tarts are definitely more my speed for crazy-busy weekdays! Jenny-Social Media

Now we want to hear from YOU!

What’s your favorite thing about using wax tarts? If you haven’t tried them, why do you think they would be a good fit for you?

Enter by taking a photo of why you would use wax tarts and explain it to us in the description with the hashtag #JewelScentWaxTarts. We will accept entries via Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Next week, a winner will be chosen a randomly to receive a JewelScent Wax Tart Bundle- one of each scent!



Introducing JewelScent Wax Tarts!

Welcome to the JewelScent family, Wax Tarts!

You guys have been asking about more no-light options for our room scents and we are excited to announce that our newest line of products do just that!

Created from the same high-quality ingredients you have come to love from JewelScent, our wax tarts are the perfect option for dorms, offices and any place where open flames are not an option. Easy to use on warmers and the ideal solution for making any space your sanctuary. 

There are currently three new scents in this collection:

Vanilla BeanThis classic favorite combines the sweet smoothness of vanilla fragrance with creamy tonka bean accents and soft powdery notes from the heliotrope flower.

Wild Blueberry -This sweet, fruity blend combines the classic scent of blueberry with notes of vanilla, white musk and hints of soft florals.

Rose Petals - Fresh sea-drenched greens and lime notes are infused with strawberry and black currant sweetness to add depth to rose and amber notes in this refreshing and musky feminine fragrance.


Warm them up to expose the hidden Jewel valued at $10-$7500 within!

Let us know what you guys think, and stay tuned for an opportunity to win a bundle of all three new wax-tart scents!



Jasmine Flower Candle Closet Inspiration

Have you checked out our JewelScent scent inspiration boards on Pinterest yet?? Today we pinned our favorite matches for our Jasmine Flower Candle!

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The perfect mani for a super sparkly Anniversary celebration!

We like it!



Formula X Liquid Crystals rock.

Shop Formula X Liquid Crystals at Sephora >

Lot’s of Love from us to you!



Feeling the love from all of you this week! Just wanted to send it right back- from our wacky team to yours!



Introducing the Anniversary Candle!

It’s our birthday!!

This month has been full of giveaways, new scents and sales, but nothing is more fitting to celebrate our one-year anniversary than our very own, VERY special, Anniversary Candle!

What makes this gorgeous candle so special?

Each Anniversary Candle contains THREE mystery rings valued at $10 to $7500. This candle offers you triple the fun and more hidden surprises than our Classic Collection.

Only once a year, Spanish Seville Oranges are picked from the tree-line streets of Seville, making their fragrant essence an exclusive delight and the perfect key ingredient for our very first anniversary scent. The unique aroma of these oranges and their peel are combined with soft powdered sugar notes to create a sweet and fresh scent for this exceptionally special candle!

Only a limited amount will be produced, so get them while they’re available and before this scent goes back into the vault!

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Ps. Have you entered our Anniversary Giveaway yet?? It’s almost over!! TEN lucky winners will receive a $100 JewelScent gift card. Enter here—>

JewelScent turns 1!


Today we celebrate our very first Anniversary, and we could not be more excited as we approach this momentous milestone!

A little over a year ago our founder, Sara, was inspired to meld her two favorite experiences into one. Since then, JewelScent has grown and evolved into a brand that we are so very proud of.

From new products (welcome scrubs, soaps and aroma beads!), to our consultant program, to our ever expanding scent catalog-this first year has been about pushing boundaries and expanding our dream.

On this special day we want to say first and foremost- Thank you. Your feedback, support and ideas have shaped JewelScent it to what is has become thus far- We truly feel like we are growing with you guys.

JewelScent has no plan of slowing down soon either. We will continue to grow, evolve and diversify as we strive to become the ultimate lifestyle brand-with you all by our side!

So, thank you, thank you all for being on this incredible journey with us. We can’t wait to see where it will take us next.



Peonies, soft colors and pretty jewels- right up our alley!



A Paris Original | Astrid Bergès-Frisbey

JewelScent @ The BET Awards

Here at JewelScent, we like to think of ourselves as pioneers in the creative field. We have an amazing staff full of talented individuals who help us imagine, style and create some of the best products in the candle/jewelry business!

It is in this creative spirit that we love to honor and support those who go out there and use their gifts to make amazing music that we can all enjoy- and JewelScent loves its R&B!

Recently, we paired with the BET awards to offer all their nominees and awesome talent a taste of the JewelScent world. We were so excited to get to share our vision with some of the music industries top visionaries!

                             Elle Varner poses with her favorite scent!

                           Singer Daisha loves Bamboo Rain!   

For more on the BET Celebrity Gift Suite experience —> click here  

Here’s to celebrating that creative spirit within all of us! Did any of you guys watch? What was your favorite part? That Chris Rock is pretty funny…