#JewelScentTokens Winner’s Circle!

Ding ding ding! We have a token winner!

Congrats Jamey Bell on entering the JewelScent Token Winner’s Circle! We absolutely love those gorgeous 14k gold earrings! 

Do you have a token? We would love to share more of your token finds with our community! Just make sure to hashtag #JewelScentTokens when you post so you can be part of the Winner’s Circle too!

Take a better peek at her find —-> Here

Happy Monday!



Summer Favorites

Summer is beginning to wind down, and we are pretty sad to see it go around here.

We polled some of our team members and asked them what their favorite part of Summer was and got a variety of different answers.

Check out what made the JewelScent cut!

This list is proof that this Summer was full of some pretty awesome things.

As Summer fades into Fall, so does our Scents of Summer Collection Sale. There are only a few more weeks of the season and therefore only a few more weeks to get 15% off of these amazing scents!

Shop the collection here—> jewelscent.com/summer-scents and don’t forget to enter ‘SUMMER’ when you check out!

What about you guys? What have been some of your Summer Favorites? We’d love to hear- share in the comment section below!



Introducing Coconut Paradise Body Scrub!

Sad to see the Summer slowly fading into Fall? Love our all-natural cane sugar scrubs as much as we do?

Hold on to Summer and immerse yourself in an an exotic getaway…every time you take a shower!

Introducing our newest addition to the JewelScent body scrub family: Coconut Paradise Body Scrub!

Enjoy the luscious aromas of warm coconut notes melded with sweet banana tones, for scent so decadent you will feel like you have been transported to a tropical paradise.

Get Yours Here —-> http://bit.ly/1mJU1YT

Here’s to the Summer!



Picks for your Favorite Bride

Yesterday we launched our amazing new Signature Wedding Bliss candle. Have you checked it out yet? See it here —> http://bit.ly/1qWDHHa

This special candle is the ideal addition to any wedding and a great gift for brides and bridesmaids alike. It’s also the perfect touch for a newly engaged care-package!

Here’s what else made our list:

Wedding Planner- weddings take a ton of work, gift her a planner to help her keep every detail in order!

Fresh Flowers- because what girl doesn’t want to receive a pretty bouquet?

Bridal Magazines- perfect to help inspire your bride!

An Engagement Ring Dish- the ideal place to store her most precious jewel! We love all the cool customizable options out there.

A Card from the heart- a personal touch that she can always cherish.

What do you think about this list? Anything else you would add? We would love to hear- share with us in the comment section!



Introducing Our Wedding Bliss Candle!

As wedding season flourishes, brides across the globe are on the hunt for the special touches that will make their nuptials memorable. In the bustle of all the planning and stress that comes along with preparing the perfect event, it is important to take a moment to truly appreciate the beauty of this extraordinary moment in time.

Sparkling and romantic, this exclusive candle melds bright tones of agrumen, ginger and pomegranate with the floral essence of jasmine and orange blossom for the perfect wedding bouquet. Base notes of white musk and touches of bergamot and muguet give sweet warmth to this scent and your special day!

We love the idea of gifting this candle to bridesmaids and family members as special thanks for being a part of this significant event, or even using it to create a calming ambiance for pre-wedding jitters.

We know that the strongest memories are based in scent, and the Wedding Bliss Candle is the perfect accomplice to bring you back to that moment for years to come!



Pinterest Scent Inspiration Boards

Do you guys follow us on Pinterest? We love pinning inspiration for every part of life for our custom JewelScent scents! 

Check out some of our Scent Inspiration Boards and follow us for special promos and new opportunities to win!—-> www.Pinterest.com/JewelScent



Why we heart wax tarts!

Our JewelScent Wax Tarts have just launched and we sure do love them around here. We know you will too!

Take a peek at some of our staff’s biggest wax-tart fans and why they love them so:


"I love leaving these wax-tarts in the warmer as I clean the house. I don’t have to worry about any fires starting when I am not in the room and when I am finished, the whole house smells amazing!" Lily- CS/Office Manager

"Best option for my kids playroom, which can always use a little freshening up. I place them on an electric warmer on a high shelf and don’t have to worry about any burned toddler fingers. I also always keep one plugged in in the bathroom-another room that could always use an extra dose of freshness!" Sara- Founder

"I love using these in the office! Super safe and no chance of smoke to bother my cubicle mates!" Kiri-Customer Service Rep

"My landlord is very strict about candles in our apartment building, which I can understand- it’s a very old building. I’ll admit I used to break the rules, but it did make me nervous. Especially since I can be forgetful and left them burning a few times. Wax tarts ended up being the perfect solution!" Candice- Community Manager

"I once rushed out of the house for a meeting only to remember half-way there that I left a candle burning. I had so much anxiety that I ended up having to turn around just to blow it out. Totally missed my meeting. Wax tarts are definitely more my speed for crazy-busy weekdays! Jenny-Social Media

Now we want to hear from YOU!

What’s your favorite thing about using wax tarts? If you haven’t tried them, why do you think they would be a good fit for you?

Enter by taking a photo of why you would use wax tarts and explain it to us in the description with the hashtag #JewelScentWaxTarts. We will accept entries via Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Next week, a winner will be chosen a randomly to receive a JewelScent Wax Tart Bundle- one of each scent!



Introducing JewelScent Wax Tarts!

Welcome to the JewelScent family, Wax Tarts!

You guys have been asking about more no-light options for our room scents and we are excited to announce that our newest line of products do just that!

Created from the same high-quality ingredients you have come to love from JewelScent, our wax tarts are the perfect option for dorms, offices and any place where open flames are not an option. Easy to use on warmers and the ideal solution for making any space your sanctuary. 

There are currently three new scents in this collection:

Vanilla BeanThis classic favorite combines the sweet smoothness of vanilla fragrance with creamy tonka bean accents and soft powdery notes from the heliotrope flower.

Wild Blueberry -This sweet, fruity blend combines the classic scent of blueberry with notes of vanilla, white musk and hints of soft florals.

Rose Petals - Fresh sea-drenched greens and lime notes are infused with strawberry and black currant sweetness to add depth to rose and amber notes in this refreshing and musky feminine fragrance.


Warm them up to expose the hidden Jewel valued at $10-$7500 within!

Let us know what you guys think, and stay tuned for an opportunity to win a bundle of all three new wax-tart scents!



Jasmine Flower Candle Closet Inspiration

Have you checked out our JewelScent scent inspiration boards on Pinterest yet?? Today we pinned our favorite matches for our Jasmine Flower Candle!

Click here to see more!



The perfect mani for a super sparkly Anniversary celebration!

We like it!



Formula X Liquid Crystals rock.

Shop Formula X Liquid Crystals at Sephora >